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Why fasting, rather than calorie restriction, reduces body fat in women over 50


It has long been argued that calorie restriction is the only effective method for reducing body fat, but few people manage to lose weight and maintain weight through periodic starvation diets that work differently. In his best-selling book WSJ Weightlifting is a waste of time. Also cardio, scientist, inventor and author Dr. John Jackwish examines long-standing myths and misconceptions of the fitness industry about calorie restriction. Let’s discuss a clinically proven fasting protocol that will reduce fat and build muscle mass.

Why are gym enthusiasts so great?
If people in the gym look the same as people in pizza, something is wrong in the gym. We have approached this question in a different way, immersed very deeply in the science of human physiology.

Intermittent fasting
For those who study fasting, it is important to know how fasting is defined. I’m talking about “intermittent fasting,” which is also called “time-limited eating”. This is when you fast a certain amount of time a day and eat at a certain time of the day. For example, you starve for 20 hours and then eat for the other 4 hours of the day. While if you consumed the total number of calories per day and instead distributed those calories throughout the day, your results would be worse.

The benefits of starvation
In the book Weightlifting – it’s a waste of time – as well as cardio, Dr. Yakish talks in detail about the benefits of periodic fasting;

  • Lack of metabolic adaptation, that is, with calorie restriction, your body is trying to lose the amount of calories you need. Suffering through diet only changes how deficiency works or doesn’t work. Everything you do is gaining fat anyway.
  • Fasting promotes autophagy, which is a way of cleansing the body of damaged cells to regenerate new, healthier cells.
  • Completely restore the cells of the immune system.
  • Your body can produce more growth hormones that can protect against muscle loss
  • Most importantly, it doesn’t allow you to be hungry, which it ultimately is and is the reason that many other diet approaches seem to fail for the vast majority of people.

What happens in the body during starvation?

  • In the context of health benefits, “starvation” begins in twelve hours without consuming calories. About twelve hours after the last meal, the body “switches” and the creatures break down fatty acids into ketone bodies. These ketone bodies become a new energy that is carried into the bloodstream, replacing glucose, which the body lacks.
  • After an 18-hour mark, rapid fat loss begins.
  • At the 48-hour mark, HGH levels peak on average, increasing fivefold from baseline.
  • Insulin, which tends to decrease from the beginning of fasting, usually reaches its minimum level after 50 hours of fasting.
  • After seventy-two hours the body began to process and replace all its T cells (part of the immune system). It effectively regenerates a significant portion of the immune system and cancels out immunosuppression (reduced ability to fight infections and other diseases).

Studies show that fasting is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Numerous studies have shown that fasting can be performed by preserving muscle and losing fat. Fasting can lead to accelerated muscle growth after a period of fasting. And there is a right way too fast to achieve these results.

About John Yaquish, Ph.D.

Scientist, inventor and author John Yakish, Ph.D. spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health. He is the inventor of OsteoStrong medical technology to increase bone density. John Jakish also created a system of exercises with variable resistance X3 for accelerated muscle development. Dr. Yakush’s methods are used in the training of the world’s most elite athletes. His book “Weightlifting is a Waste of Time – and Cardio” explains his unconventional approach to human physiology and is a WSJ bestseller.


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