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Why has CSL’s stock price lagged behind the ASX 200 over the past week?


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The CSL Ltd (ASX: CSL) the stock price has fallen 1.48% since then last week.

Despite the fact that global biotechnology during this time has not published any market-sensitive news, investors are unloading shares of the company.

Shares of CSL closed another 0.73% on Monday and stood at $ 273.15 each.

What has made CSL stocks more difficult lately?

At the moment, there are several factors against CSL shares COVID-19 the pandemic begins to subside.

First of all, on S & P / ASX 200 Health Index (ASX: XHJ) canceled its gains over the last week, down 0.3%. Today the index closed by another 0.16%.

Investors appear to have focused their efforts on improving the efficiency of ASX sectors such as S & P / ASX 300 Metals & Mining (ASX: XMM) index. These are the 300 best ASX companies dealing in gold, steel and precious metals.

For the context, the metals and mining sectors were up 5.96% from this time last Monday.

And it is not surprising that commodity prices have soared, given the war in Ukraine and inflationary movements.

Market psychology can be a powerful force when crowd behavior chases rallies or sales during a downturn.

Another factor that led to the fall of CSL shares is deferment of completion of acquisition of Vifor Pharma.

The deal was originally scheduled to be completed in June 2022. However, obtaining permits from regulators takes a little longer.

So CSL now expects the takeover to be completed within the next few months.

Snapshot of CSL stock price

Not surprisingly, for CSL shareholders this year was turbulent: over the past 12 months, the loss was 4%.

The year so far has not gone better: the company’s shares fell by 6%.

Based on the assessment, the CSL team a market capitalization about $ 131.5 billion.


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