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Why Surgeons Watch Baywatch – Cosmetics

Costhetics is proud to follow the world news in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic improvement, so you can always be aware of the latest trends.

Some trends never die, of course, as a disco (joke). Other trends are hot, then cooling, then suddenly ignite again. And with the Baywatch body. After years of dust on the shelves, this favorite series is back. What may be surprising is that a series of soap surfing is now inspiring a different kind me too movement.

This time the men are talking me too for sculpture and body improvement.

In an ideal world you will do it

It is true that the healthiest way to shape your body is through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, even the most energetic health enthusiasts can have problems with losing extra pounds and changing the contours of the body only through diet and exercise. One of the most serious problems is sagging meat that remains after weight loss. To solve this and other problems with the body, procedures were created for the sculpture to tighten and contour the problem areas.

Best of all, advances in the cosmetics market now allow you to choose between invasive and non-invasive technologies and techniques to achieve more rigorous and solid contours on your frame.

The Body of the “Baby Keeper”: Pam Anderson in style

When Pamela Anderson joined the cast in the third season of the beach series, in opening sequence with beautiful bodies running in slow motion, becoming iconic … and imitating. Of course, this was not the first time that exaggerated female form was noted. “Big breasts, small hips, perfect buttocks look back to Barbie before,” says one plastic surgeon ABC News about his story Plastic surgeons welcome Baywatch.

“We were blessed with Baywatch,” says another surgeon. “It was the brightest form of advertising. It’s like an hourly advertisement for plastic surgery. ” Inspired by what they saw, thousands of women rushed to the surgeons:

  • Breast tightening
  • Breast augmentation
  • Sculpture of the waist, abdomen and hips by liposuction

Over time, it is not the trend of breast augmentation that has changed, but the size of her breast augmentation. Modern technology allows for a much wider choice, and modern women opt for mini-breast augmentation. We can say that Pamela Anderson is still driving the trends in the field of figure Baywatch, when the actress removed the implants in 1999, but in 2022 again increased them, albeit with a smaller cup size.

Baywatch case for boys

When British journalist Mark Simpson first coined the term metrosexual in the 1990s, he was partly referring to a man who was loud and proud of his interest in fashion, grooming and cosmetics. The term metrosexual has faded into the background, but not a way of life. Today more and more men are looking for:

  • Chest surgery (gynecomastia) – lift and remove excess fat and tissue
  • Breast implants – to create a more muscular appearance
  • Body sculpture with liposuction – to trim the waist, shape the abdomen and thighs, and cut chest lines

The REAL The secret of Malibu’s bodyguard

Cosmetics may not stress enough how important it is to consult a qualified surgeon if you plan to change your appearance. A veteran professional will have the training and experience to discuss your concerns before recommending the best techniques to achieve your body transformation goals.

If you need a more practical approach to finding the right doctor in your zip code, please contact us for guidance. Cosmetics will always help.


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