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Why there are no goods on Woolies shelves


Products are missing from Woolworths stores due to problems at the newly built distribution center.

A technical problem at the distribution center of the Heathwood supermarket giant in Brisbane led to the fact that last week the stores in Queensland were postponed.

This has led to stores across the state putting up signs warning customers that their regular products may not be available.

Camera iconCustomers were left without the usual things due to a problem at the Woolworths distribution center. NCA NewsWire / Sarah Marshall Credit: News Corp Australia

“Due to a recent technical problem at our Heathwood distribution center, deliveries to some of our stores in Queensland were delayed last week,” a Woolworths spokesman said.

The $ 184 million distribution center opened last month alone and delivers 4,000 frozen and chilled products to more than 260 Woolworths stores across Queensland and northern NSW.

Also, some supplies in North Queensland this week could be affected by a separate issue after heavy rains led to road closures.

But the good news for customers is that the problem has been resolved and Woolworths ’orders have returned to proper mode, although there may be some lag as stocks in stores recover.

“The problem is now solved and our teams are working hard to let customers see that further deliveries arrive within the next 48 hours,” a Woolworths spokesman said earlier this week.

“We thank our customers for their patience.”

Woolworths General Manager for Fruits and Vegetables Paul Turner warned customers last week that changes in price and availability of fresh produce could occur following recent weather in New Wales and Queensland.

“After constant rainfall and low sunlight in northern NSW and southeast, central and northern Queensland in recent months, fruit and vegetable supplies have been affected by supplies,” he wrote in an email to customers.

“You may notice a shortage and impact on price in the short term until normal stock levels return in about four weeks, depending on weather conditions.”


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