Home Lifestyle Why UK workers have been warned to stop sexist “heating up”

Why UK workers have been warned to stop sexist “heating up”


Male workers in the UK have been warned to stop the sexist practice of “warming up”.

The term – coined for men who pass off the work of colleagues as their own and take credit – has appeared in a new guide for Ofqual exam staff.

The term was first coined by friends of astronomer and professor Nicole Gulyuchi, who posted about it on Twitter back in 2017. The post received 185,000 likes and 58,800 retweets.

“My friends came up with the word: hepeated. After all, if a woman offers an idea and it is ignored, and then the guy says the same thing, and everyone likes it, ”she wrote.

She then gave the context of that word.

“Use: ‘Wow, I got excited again at that meeting’ or, ‘He totally pissed me off!’

The term has now found its way into a 28-page guide to Ofqual, which describes “hepeating” as “a situation where a man repeats female comments or ideas and then he is praised for them as for his own”.


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