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Wilfried Zach’s strike for “Crystal Palace” to drown the sad Manchester United | Premier League


Manchester United’s worst season in 30 years in the Premier League ended with a typical whimper. While two of their deepest rivals were vying for the title, the best United could hope for was to avoid the Europa League next season.

The goal has been achieved, an undesirable new frontier to be avoided, albeit little thanks to United. The defeat of West Ham by Brighton meant that they made their way to the Europa League, despite the fact that Wilfried Zach’s goal in the first half brought the sixth defeat in a row away. After a season that ended with zero goal difference and excruciatingly poor games, Salhurst Park, as an example, next season feels like a completely undeserved bonus. The Glaser family owes a debt of gratitude to Brighton and Graham Potter, who are not worthy of their own team of one billion pounds.

The darkest hour before the new dawn? In the stands sat Eric Ten Haag, dressed in a summer jacket, along with United football director John Merto and Steve McLaren, who returned to the club as an assistant to the Dutchman. The new manager has given up a seasonal Caribbean fun game with Ajax to catch his new wards in action. Meanwhile Patrick Vieira, whose Crystal Palace the team exceeded many expectations, and being unperturbed by the dust at Goodison Park, home fans appreciated after a season of progress and exciting football.

Edinson Cavani played his last match for United. Hannibal Maybri, a Tunisian teenager who was busy enough but never imposed himself, could become the face of United’s future, although doubts cover most of his teammates. Cristiano Ronaldo has not traveled to South London, and this explanation for the recurring hip problem has calmed the debate about where his future may lie.

The name of Conar Gallagher was sung to the rafters of Holmesdale End. He returns to the England national team at Chelsea, his reputation is strengthened due to the fact that he is the driving force of the Vieira team, and here he distinguished himself again. Not that the game started with great vigor, the first 10 minutes passed without mood at the end of the semester. Zaha needed a rush to focus home fans on the action, his pass nearly reaching Adson Edward.

Eric Ten Haag (center), who will take over as Manchester United manager this summer, is watching from the stands. Photo: Vince Mignott / EPA

It seemed to wake United, and Cavani could have done better if Bruno Fernandez’s shot hit him in the way. Vicente Guaita made a save, however Joachim Andersen flew past the keeper. Fernandez’s tricks and tricks did not give him success, and he laid out his frustration with his teammates, an outward manifestation of a lack of team spirit that had been an open secret all season, and Ralph Rangnik, the outgoing interim manager, confirmed in his pre-match press conference.

Fernandez looked at Anthony Elanga when the winger overtook the Palace defense but then corrected the ball outside of his teammate. Almost immediately United’s midfield and defense offered little resistance when Zaha burst into the penalty area and forced to save David De Gea, who soon had to do the same to stop Jeffrey Shloop.

United fans continued to sing all the time despite the deadly pallor of their team’s performance, but they were reassured by Zaha, who rushed to the same left channel, past Diogo Dalot and Victor Lindelof to kill his former club. Zaha, whose status as the only person the Palace cannot do without, has been reduced this season due to the fact that teammates have improved around him, was the leader here, which has caused a variety of problems for Dalota. When Zaha was celebrating, Ten Hag, no doubt knowing the TV on him, was sitting with a stone face, although during the break he was happy enough to pose for a selfie with palace fans.

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Sent Ranking early in the second half, who stopped on the sidelines with the face of a man who is looking forward to it all becoming someone else’s problem, United have stepped up their efforts a bit. The Majbry at least forced Guy to be rescued an hour, seconds before he was fired, and reluctantly, Juan Mata, making a final bow to United, his eight-year stay absorbed the waste of talent and money going on around him.

Shola Shoretir, the 18-year-old who replaced Fred in the 15th minute of the game, gave Ten Hague to see another young gun as United tried to find a way back into the game. Alejandro Gamacha of the Dalota team joined the effort five minutes later. Fresh feet fed United little, and Scott McTomney shot late to the ridicule of home fans. Ten Hag saw little to convince himself that his new job would be easy.


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