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Will the new regional health department be the right medicine for the sick system? | District News


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A new health service unit aimed at supporting the state’s rural and regional health workers who are in critical condition has been introduced by the NSW state government. Newly appointed Minister of Regional Health Broni Taylor announced the creation on Friday of the NSW Regional Health Department. She said the regional health department will support the state’s commitment to resume focusing on hiring for key health positions in the regional NSW. The action aims to “find innovative ways to support nurses, doctors, allied physicians and providers of vital ancillary services working in health facilities, living and working in our regional communities”. “This step is a key step towards making the public health system at the heart of the needs and expectations of the New South Wales regional communities,” Ms. Taylor said. “Every day thousands of people receive quality care in our regional health centers, but we know more needs to be done to address health problems in regional areas, as highlighted in the NSW parliamentary inquiry to ensure everyone gets good results,” she said. she said. But, according to New Wales Secretary of Health Services Gerard Hayes, setting up a new department is not a solution. “To some extent, this is definitely a different level of bureaucracy,” he said. “From the point of view of the Health Services Union, we need to focus on making the health dollar as close as possible to direct patient care, rather than building more infrastructure or creating another level of bureaucracy,” Mr Hayes said. . This week, members of the Association of Nurses and Midwives rallied to increase staff, improve working conditions and a well-deserved pay rise – just one arm of the system shouting for help. Australian public media published a special report in September stating that the system of rural and regional hospitals is under great coercion. Cessnack State Secretary Clayton Barr said medical services are being canceled or limited by the budget. “So if the new regional health department doesn’t have its own budget, and unfortunately I suspect they won’t, they won’t be able to deliver anything,” Mr Barr said. “I have no problem with the fact that the healthcare concept has a separate regional focus, but if you don’t actually give them dollars, then it’s just a throwaway.” “It’s just another slap in the face to health workers on the ground,” Mr Barr said. Ms. Taylor said the department will be at the highest level in the Department of Health and provide strong advocacy for regional health issues, as well as leveraging the strengths of the NSW health system in favor of regional NSW.


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