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WIN 1 of 15 double passes to see the blessing


BLESSING explores the tumultuous life of World War I poet Siegfried Sassoon – (as Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi).

Sassoon was a difficult man who survived the horrors of fighting in World War I and was rewarded for his bravery, but who became a vocal critic of the government’s continued war when he returned from service. His poetry was inspired by his experience on the Western Front, and he became one of the leading war poets of that era. He was adored by members of the aristocracy, as well as stars of the London literary and stage world, he had an affair with several men, trying to come to terms with his homosexuality. At the same time, broken by the horrors of war, he made his way in life in search of salvation, trying to find it in line with marriage and religion.

His story is the story of a troubled man in a ruined world who seeks peace and self-acceptance that speaks to the modern world as much as it did then.

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