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WLTH is working with Specialist Finance Group to get more Australians and better housing credit


Australian provider of digital lending and payments WLTH today announced a strategic partnership with mortgage broker aggregator Specialist Finance Group (SFG) to strengthen its presence in the brokerage community, connect with more everyday Australians looking to save on their mortgages, and create a positive impact on the environment.

As part of the partnership, SFG will be the first aggregator to include WLTH products in its comparison offerings. Many SFG broker members will now be able to provide WLTH value to customers using a set of WLTH technology products, from transaction accounts, simple payment applications and high value loyalty programs.

In addition to accessing WLTH’s competitive offerings, SFG brokers will be assisting WLTH and Parley to clean up Ocean’s coastline in Australia. Each WLTH loan, calculated with SFG, will assist WLTH and Parley for the Oceans in clearing the 50 sq m coastline. The recycled plastic from this clean-up further goes on to create transactional cards that are used to set WLTH products.

SFG members and their clients will also have access to educational sessions on the impact of plastic on the oceans and on how to create a greener future, with Negotiations for the oceans.

Using the SFG network, WLTH will be able to engage a wide pool of trusted brokers and their clients to access a new cohort of potential clients looking for a better deal on their mortgage, especially as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) signals further rate hikes.

Brody Haupt, CEO and co-founder WLTH said: “As the RBA has confirmed an increase in the official cash rate in the country for the first time in 11 years, more Australians than ever are paying attention to their home loans and looking for great deals. Our partnership with SFG helps us connect with them by supporting mortgage brokers who own digital information, and providing them with the products and services needed to optimize the entire experience.

“At WLTH, we have a strategic roadmap to expand our product distribution channel through Australian mortgage brokers, while maintaining rapid solutions, including iterative improvements to our technologies and systems, and hiring additional key personnel to support this important relationship,” he concluded. Haupt.

Blake Buchanan, general manager of aggregation Specialist Finance Group, said: “SFG is pleased to welcome WLTH into the group of creditors available to its members. We celebrate the competition in the market, which ultimately gives the best results for the clients of our brokers. In addition to excellent pricing and policy proposals, the combination of a socially and environmentally responsible partner in WLTH will be a great addition to today’s environmentally conscious market. ”

Currently, loans obtained from brokers account for about 67% of WLTH loan funds. Thanks to a partnership with SFG, Fintech plans to accelerate that figure to 80% in the coming months as WLTH doubles the growth of its partnership capabilities along with direct lending opportunities.


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