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Women’s Health Week 2022 | Canberra Weekly


From 5 to 11 September 2022, Women’s Health Week is taking place across Australia – a campaign to encourage women to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Women’s Health Week gives women and girls of all cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender and sexual identities an opportunity to pause and focus on their health and well-being. Find out how advertisers can help you with this special feature.

Intermittent fasting seems to have taken the health and beauty world by storm over the past few years; influential celebrities like the Kardashians sing his praises. However, it has been around as long as humans; our ancestors often fasted between hunts.

Intermittent fasting and cleansing have proven to be powerful tools for weight loss, but science has proven that it has other benefits as well. These include elevating mood, helping to balance hormones, and reducing inflammation in the body.

Want to start your intermittent fasting journey but don’t know how? The Wednesday Cleanse Day team has created a beautiful pink drink to use and enhance your cleanses and pastes.

With four product options available, you can rebuild your body, prepare for a big event or completely transform yourself.

Collagen peptides, green tea, aloe vera, inulin and other all-natural ingredients are packed into each sachet to keep your mind and body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

To learn more about the benefits of intermittent fasting, download the free Wednesday Cleanse Day e-book via the QR code in their ad or online at wednesdaycleanseday.com

Follow Wednesday Cleanse Day on Instagram: instagram.com/wdtoday.cleanse.day

If you are looking for an alternative to training in the gym, you are an athlete in other disciplines and want to try something new, or you just love aerial acrobatics and want to learn more, you will love our fun aerial sports studio, where you are guaranteed fun, gaining strength, flexibility, body awareness and self-confidence. We aim to teach you the tools and empower you to discover what your body can do on and off the ground in a safe and supportive environment. Adults develop at their own pace with our casual classes, attended as often or as infrequently as you like.

Visit aerialsports.com.au for more information.

Find us on social media:

18 Winchcombe, Mitchell | T: 6262 0215

Air sports

Catherine McCoy, founder of iNaturally Naturopathic Clinic, has two decades of naturopathic experience under her belt.

Her highly effective naturopathic support includes a metabolic balance program that supports the body in returning to an efficient metabolism for long-term success.

“What I love about this program is that it’s not a diet or a cookie-cutter method. It is individualized for each client with blood tests,” says Kathryn.

Thirty-six blood metabolic markers are used to select foods that are ideal for each body, bringing the metabolism back to a balance of good health.

“No meal replacements, no shakes. You just eat whole, whole foods and the program is supported by personalized coaching to help you stay on track,” says Kathryn.

“In addition to weight loss, other exciting results include more energy, better sleep, balanced hormones, clear skin and good digestion. This is the perfect program for everyone.”

15/2-4 Leichhardt St, Griffith ACT


Using a holistic approach based on world-leading education, research and personal experience, renowned Canberra birth and parenting educator Tracy Anderson Askew helps families prepare for birth and early parenting so they can thrive, not survive.

During her Transform Your Birth course, Tracy shares a powerful teaching about the importance of breath volume. How much we breathe in with each breath affects how much oxygen we get and can also affect people with asthma symptoms, anxiety or low energy. Even snoring and sleep apnea can be improved if you breathe better.

She then teaches some powerful habits that will affect your breathing volume and, with practice, can be trained into your body’s automatic system. So, even if you are not thinking about breathing, your body is breathing better.

Improved breathing can change your life. Contact Tracy at Transform Parenting to find out more.

Tracy Askew

Rejuvenate mind and body with Canberra Yoga Space. Experts and experienced instructors will safely guide you through the motions.

With a comprehensive beginner’s yoga class, a vigorous Ashtanga practice, or a gentle recovery class, you’re sure to find a yoga class that’s right for you.

There is something for everyone in our extensive schedule.

The free weekly sound bath meditation every Friday night is a great way to wash away the week and get ready for the weekend.

The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place to let go of the outside world, turn your attention inward, breathe and deeply connect with yourself.

Canberra Yoga Space

Do you have trouble controlling your appetite? Or feel guilty when you can’t resist a chocolate chip cookie? Do you feel exhausted and drained of vitality? You are not alone.

Lisa Donaldson, nutritionist and founder of FEEDinc, wrote a book based on her own vicious cycle of “sleep, work, mom, repeat…”

She provides wonderful recipes, planning templates and simple English answers to questions like: Why am I so hungry?’

“You don’t ‘fall’ when your hunger is insatiable. It just means that you need to adjust what you eat to ensure that your hormones can do their job properly.”

Canberra Weekly readers can download an e-book for half price in September using a code CWSept50% in lisadonaldson.com.au/store/p2/The_Fullest_Life_eBook.html

Lisa Donaldson

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