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World Data Exchange completes acquisition of digi.me in UK with focus on providing control over personal data for consumers


Global data exchangeThe Sydney-based privacy and data sharing technology firm has today announced that it has completed the acquisition of digi.me, a UK-based platform operator that helps businesses and governments develop and deploy consumer-facing applications.

Worldwide Data Exchange (WDX), led by fintech entrepreneur and leading data privacy advocate Joanne Cooper, is preparing to enter the burgeoning personal data mobility market with ISO 27001 certified security technology.

“The world has never been more aware of the importance of empowering individual data as significant and deeply personal technology breaches continue to grab global headlines,” commented Ms Cooper.

“As personal data weaves itself through so much of our lives, empowering society with ‘privacy first’ data must become the new standard. Now more than ever, it is important that companies and governments focus on cleaning up the seas of contaminated or unauthorized use of personal data.”

“This is a catalyst for companies like WDX to step up and demonstrate transparent data sharing models to help restore consumer trust.”

She said award-winning digi.me previously acquired US firm Personal Inc. with millions of dollars in capital used to build a SaaS data sharing platform. WDX now boasts unique IP, including a robust two-way data exchange platform, patents and an impressive engineering team.

“By synthesizing multiple technology layers under one hood, the WDX SaaS model makes it easy for businesses to use plug and play platforms without the high costs of building and maintaining a robust infrastructure that they often can’t afford.”

“This is a global race for digital transformation and Australia needs to be at the forefront. Through our global presence, WDX is well positioned to protect data rights, democracy and reduce the potential for the digital divide.


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