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Xi Jinping Consolidates Power as Chinese Communist Party Raises His Status | China


President of China Xi Jinpingstrengthened his power as a leader and raised his status in the history of the Communist Party, thanks to important policy decisions announced on the last day of a key political meeting.

On Saturday, the Communist Party (CPC) congress approved amendments to its constitution, including the so-called “Two Installations” and “Two Guarantees,” aimed at making Xi Jinping the core of the party and his political thought the basis of the ideology. .

Xi began his closing speech around noon, when party officials announced the endorsement of the amendments, effectively confirming that Xi will remain in power for another term. Xi, 69, is expected to be reconfirmed as party general secretary this weekend, paving the way for him to break the rules for a third term as China’s president.

Thousands of CCP delegates are gathering in Beijing for the week-long conclave, supposedly representing hundreds of millions of party members. The aim is mainly to approve reshuffles in top party positions and constitutional changes, which are likely to be decided long before the meeting begins. The meeting is very choreographed and mostly behind closed doors. However, shortly before Xi Jinping’s speech began, former leader Hu Jintao was escorted out of the room without explanation.

Since coming to power in 2012. Xi further consolidated his powerincluding spearheading the repeal of term limits in 2018. Before these changes, Xi would have stepped down as leader this week, but instead has the potential to be leader for life.

Analysts are closely watching this weekend’s events to see if Xi will also be officially given the title of “People’s Leader,” an honorific that has not been officially used since Mao Zedong.

Delegates also voted to approve Xi’s “work report” on Saturday sounded at the opening of the Congress last Sundaywhich were evaluated in the previous term and outlined the direction of.

At the end, the Congress also confirmed the “re-election” of 200 elite members of the central committee, who have the right to vote in the party. This committee is responsible for electing the 25-member Politburo, of which the seven most powerful are appointed to the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). The composition of the PSC, including the number one secretary general, will be announced on Sunday.

The unveiling, usually by PSC members speaking on stage in order of rank, will be a formal confirmation of Xi Jinping’s retention as general secretary.


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