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Yenda Foodworks starts giving back money to the community District News


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Foodworks in Yenda has attempted to return money to the community and increase charitable efforts, starting with fundraising for the Yenda Rotary Club. The store hosted an outdoor barbecue, providing free cooking utensils and Rotary Club sales for all the money raised back to the club. Yogesh Bhat, a grocer at Foodworks, said they want to continue working with the community and return the money to the area. “We supply food to these guys, they volunteer, and the money goes to Yenda Rotary. The money is returned to the society. ” The barbecue was held to mark seven years of Yenda store location, after COVID twice postponed a more traditional five-year plan. In previous years, Foodworks celebrated the anniversary with discounts or special offers, but Mr Bhat said that from now on they would focus on the direct support of society. “Usually we make a 10 percent discount, extra gifts or something, but now we do it. I want to do such ordinary things, and I want to have barbecues often,” Mr Bhat said. The store also donated vegetables and products to schools to promote healthy lifestyles and teach children the widest range of fresh fruits and vegetables in the world. “Honestly, we make money. We are not losing money, so we are trying to get back five to ten percent. ” READ MORE Mr Bhatt added that it was an effort to promote greater socialization in society. Bob Turner, president of the Rotary Club of Yenda, said the whole deal would benefit everyone. “It’s great. It’s good for everyone, it’s good for the city, it’s good for our club, it’s good for [Yogesh]“Mr. Turner said the money raised will go to the club’s local projects.” We have a bunch of things, it’s all local. There are a few things we do outside the city or abroad, but mostly in the community. ”Mr. Turner and Mr. Bhat suggested that they would consider holding a similar event every three months. Our journalists work hard to provide local Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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