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YK Orthodontics offers affordable forward options


YK Orthodontics is now open at Lakeview House in Tuggeranong and is committed to excellence in orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Yul Kim, an orthodontist, received his general dentistry degree from Griffith University in 2013 and worked as a general dentist for four years.

“I was working closely with a local orthodontist at the time and loved what he was doing. Orthodontics has really made a big impact on patient confidence,” says Dr. Kim.

“People who had never smiled in photos before now felt that they could smile beautifully in front of the camera.

“That ability to bring a smile back is why I wanted to be a part of the industry.”

While many general dentists add braces to their list of services by completing short weekend courses, Dr. Kim’s master orthodontist advised that orthodontics is more than just putting braces on teeth.

Taking his word for it, Dr. Kim went back to school, attended a highly competitive orthodontic course at the University of Adelaide for three years, and graduated in 2020.

During the pandemic he worked as an associate orthodontist before finally opening his own practice at the old site of the Tuggeranong Orthodontic Centre. The center was permanently closed for over a year before Dr. Kim purchased the space and rebuilt it from the ground up.

As a new practice, fees at YK Orthodonics are more affordable than other orthodontic centers in Canberra and all costs are set upfront.

YK Orthodontics opened its doors on the top floor of Lakeview House in August of this year.

“As a new practice, our fees are at least 50 percent less than other orthodontic centers, and all of our costs are set up front,” says Dr. Kim.

“We make braces and brace alternatives, and that’s all we do. Customers can trust that we know what we’re talking about.”

YK Orthodontics is a fully digitized practice. Parents may remember the days when adjusting braces meant cramming into uncomfortable plaster casts. A more convenient option is now available.

“We do a digital scan of the teeth, which is done faster, more conveniently and does not cause urges. We wave the wand in the mouth and the scanning process only takes five minutes.”

As your specialist, Dr. Kim will be there every step of the way, answering any questions you may have about the process.

“Fast, polite, friendly and excellent service. 10/10”
— Emma, ​​October 2022

YK Orthodontics specializes in orthodontic appliances, including metal and ceramic braces, clear plastic aligners (such as Invisalign), and plates.

Wondering which treatment is right for you or your child? Dr. Kim provides a brief overview of each device:

  • Metal braces: “It is usually seen in teenagers; we recommend them to children aged 12 and over to eliminate problems with adult teeth that have already appeared. Depending on the severity of the correction, some can be completed within 18 months, while complex cases can take 24 to 36 months.”
  • Ceramic braces: “Ceramic braces are tooth-colored and therefore more discreet. Adults tend to choose this more for aesthetics, but the procedure is exactly the same. Along with clear aligners, these are more expensive options.”
  • Clear aligners: “Clear plastic aligners like Invisalign require a lot more discipline because you have to wear them for at least 23 hours every day. They are very discreet, but require compliance by the patient. We do not recommend them to those who easily forget or lose them.’
  • Plates: “It’s usually for young children, seven or ten years old. They make minor corrections to one or two adult teeth that are still coming through, such as when a front tooth comes out a little crooked. As a rule, the correction will take a maximum of 12 months.”

YK Orthodontics is open after-hours on Wednesdays until 8:00 p.m., as well as regular business hours on all other weekdays. Currently offering a free orthodontic consultation for a limited time.

To learn more, visit ykorthodontics.com.au or call 6293 1575.

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